How to Contribute

Become a mirror

You can assist the LFS project by providing an HTTP or FTP mirror. The HTTP mirrors provide the LFS website, books, patches and hints. The FTP mirrors can provide a number of services including LFS packages and BLFS packages. The requirements for the various mirrors are listed below. If you would like to become a mirror, please set it up and send an email with the data requested below to the website maintainer, Thank you.


Here is a list of requirements for the various mirrors. All mirrors require that you use rsync to sync your mirrors with our main servers, and a cron program to schedule it for you.

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HTTP Mirror

To set up the mirror, use the following rsync instruction in a cron script:

/usr/bin/rsync -lprt --delete /srv/www/lfs

LFS and BLFS FTP Mirrors

To set up the ftp mirrors, use the rsync instructions in a cron script:

/usr/bin/rsync -lprt --delete /srv/ftp/LFS
/usr/bin/rsync -lprt --delete /srv/ftp/BLFS

Still interested?

If you are still interested in becoming a mirror, please email the following information to the appropriate list or the webmaster.

Make a donation

One of the ways to help the Linux From Scratch project is by making donations.
Financial donations can be made through PayPal using a major credit card.


If you'd like to donate but can't use PayPal, please contact Gerard Beekmans.

All proceeds of donations will be used to pay the monthly server hosting bills.