Getting Involved with BLFS

A common question on the mailing lists is: "How do I get involved?". Therefore, we wrote this page to try and answer that question.

The first thing which we suggest you do is to subscribe to the blfs-book and blfs-dev mailing lists. blfs-dev contains discussion about the book's development while blfs-book receives information on all commits and ticket traffic associated with BLFS.

You need to install Git on your computer to really be able to help out with BLFS. Naturally, the best way to do this is by following the instructions in the BLFS book itself! You can then check out the XML source to the book using the following command:

git clone blfs-git

The procedure above will get the current trunk of the repository. When you wish to update your tree, simply issue:

git pull

while in the blfs-git directory.

Information on converting the book from XML into HTML format can be found in the INSTALL and README files. You will need to install libxslt, DocBook XSL Stylesheets, HTML Tidy (optional for html), Lynx (for text) and FOP (for PDF) for this to work. Full information is in the INSTALL file.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the book layout, have a look at our Ticket System. If you want to be able to create tickets, ask for access on the blfs-dev mailing list.

Finally, have fun and get involved with discussions on the lists. Try emailing blfs-dev (for book issues) or blfs-support (for build issues) when you have problems as the BLFS team reads those lists regularly. Once you have something which you wish to submit, create a diff file (preferably using diff -Naur) and submit it to the blfs-dev list where one of the editors will pick it up. For more details about how to update the BLFS book, take a look at the LFS Editor's Guide.