Introduction to xindy

Xindy is an index processor that can be used to generate book-like indexes for arbitrary document-preparation systems. This includes systems such as TeX and LaTeX, the roff-family, and SGML/XML-based systems (e.g., HTML) that process some kind of text and generate indexing information.

This package is known to build and work properly using an LFS 12.1 platform.

Package Information

Required Additional Downloads

Xindy Dependencies


Clisp-2.49 and texlive-20230313

Installation of xindy

Install xindy by running the following commands:

export TEXARCH=$(uname -m | sed -e 's/i.86/i386/' -e 's/$/-linux/') &&

sed -i "s/ grep -v '^;'/ awk NF/" make-rules/inputenc/ &&

sed -i 's%\(indexentry\)%\1\\%' make-rules/inputenc/ &&

patch -Np1 -i ../xindy-2.5.1-upstream_fixes-2.patch &&

./configure --prefix=$TEXLIVE_PREFIX              \
            --bindir=$TEXLIVE_PREFIX/bin/$TEXARCH \
            --datarootdir=$TEXLIVE_PREFIX         \
            --includedir=/usr/include             \
            --libdir=$TEXLIVE_PREFIX/texmf-dist   \
            --mandir=$TEXLIVE_PREFIX/texmf-dist/doc/man &&


This package does not have a test suite.

Now, as the root user:

make install

Command Explanations

sed -i "s/ grep -v '^;'/ awk NF/" ...: The build sorts files in latin{1..3} encodings to create latin.xdy, and unicode versions of these to create utf8.xdy after using grep -v '^;' to remove blank lines. With grep-2.23 any data not in the expected encoding is treated as binary, resulting in a useless file. This command uses an alternative way of removing blank lines.

sed -i 's%\(indexentry\)%\1\\%' ...: A regexp contains indexentry{ - perl has warned about the unescaped left brace for some time and now treats it as illegal. Change it to indexentry\{, doubling the backslash for sed.

patch -Np1 -i ../xindy-2.5.1-upstream_fixes-2.patch: Xindy is now maintained at CTAN. This patch updates the source with some of the changes made there (but ignoring changes which were only made to allow for spaces in pathnames and some trivial recent changes).

--prefix=, --bindir=, --datarootdir=, and other dir switches: these switches ensure that the files installed from source will overwrite any corresponding files previously installed by install-tl-unx so that the alternative methods of installing texlive are consistent.

--includedir=/usr/include: This parameter ensures that the kpathsea headers from texlive-20230313 will be found.

make LC_ALL=POSIX: with the current version of coreutils it is essential to build xindy in the POSIX (or C) locale because in a UTF-8 locale the file latin.xdy will contain only a heading and then a line 'Binary file (standard input) matches' instead of the many lines of lisp merge-rule commands it ought to contain.


Installed Programs: tex2xindy, texindy, xindy
Installed Libraries: None
Installed Directory: $TEXLIVE_PREFIX/texmf-dist/xindy

Short Descriptions


transforms a LaTeX index file into a xindy raw index file


is a wrapper for xindy that turns on many LaTeX conventions by default


creates a sorted and tagged index from a raw LaTeX index