Introduction to Tracker

Tracker is the file indexing and search provider used in the GNOME desktop environment.

This package is known to build and work properly using an LFS 12.1 platform.

Package Information

Tracker Dependencies


JSON-GLib-1.8.0, libseccomp-2.5.5, and Vala-0.56.14



asciidoc-10.2.0, Graphviz-10.0.1, libsoup-2.74.3, bash-completion, and libstemmer

Installation of Tracker

Fix the location to install the documentation into:

mv docs/reference/libtracker-sparql/doc/{Tracker-3.0,tracker-3.6.0} &&
sed '/docs_name/s/Tracker-3.0/tracker-3.6.0/' \
    -i docs/reference/libtracker-sparql/

Install Tracker by running the following commands:

mkdir build &&
cd    build &&

meson setup --prefix=/usr       \
            --buildtype=release \
            -Dman=false         \
            ..                  &&

Now, as the root user:

ninja install

To test the results, issue: meson configure -Ddebug=true && ninja test. The test suite should be run from a graphical session.

Command Explanations

--buildtype=release: Specify a buildtype suitable for stable releases of the package, as the default may produce unoptimized binaries.

-Dman=false: This switch prevents the build process from generating man pages. Omit this switch if you have asciidoc-10.2.0 installed and wish to generate and install the man pages.

meson configure -Ddebug=true: This command enables some debug checks necessary for the test suite. We don't want to enable them for the installed Tracker 3 libraries and programs, so we run the test suite after installation.


Installed Programs: tracker3
Installed Library:
Installed Directories: /usr/{include,lib}/tracker-3.0, /usr/libexec/tracker3, /usr/share/tracker3, and /usr/share/doc/tracker-3.6.0 (optional)

Short Descriptions


is a control program for the indexer

contains resource management and database functions