Introduction to gegl

This package provides the GEneric Graphics Library, which is a graph based image processing format.

This package is known to build and work properly using an LFS 12.1 platform.

Package Information

  • Download (HTTP):

  • Download MD5 sum: a96ae32d46855ab4eefa1fce2dbefda1

  • Download size: 5.5 MB

  • Estimated disk space required: 80 MB (Add 4 MB for tests)

  • Estimated build time: 0.7 SBU (add 0.1 SBU for tests, both with parallelism=4)

gegl Dependencies


babl-0.1.108 and JSON-GLib-1.8.0



asciidoc-10.2.0, Cairo-1.18.0, FFmpeg-6.1.1, gdk-pixbuf-2.42.10, gexiv2-0.14.2, GTK-Doc-1.33.2, JasPer-4.2.0, Little CMS-2.14, libraw-0.21.2, librsvg-2.57.1, libtiff-4.6.0, libwebp-1.3.2, Pango-1.51.2, Poppler-24.02.0, Ruby-3.3.0, SDL2-2.30.0, v4l-utils-1.26.1, Vala-0.56.14, libspiro-20220722, LuaJIT, lensfun, LuaJIT, libnsgif, libumfpack, maxflow, MRG, OpenCL, OpenEXR, poly2tri-c, source-highlight, and w3m

Installation of gegl

If installing over a previous version of gegl, one module needs to be removed. As the root user, run:

rm -f /usr/lib/gegl-0.4/

Install gegl by running the following commands:

mkdir build &&
cd    build &&

meson setup --prefix=/usr --buildtype=release .. &&

To run the tests, issue: ninja test. 7 tests in the gegl:ff-load-save portion of the test suite are known to fail due to incompatibilities with ffmpeg-6.0.

Now, as the root user:

ninja install

Command Explanations

-Ddocs=true: Build and install documentation (requires GTK-Doc-1.33.2,).


Installed Programs: gegl and gegl-imgcmp
Installed Libraries:,, and modules in /usr/lib/gegl-0.4
Installed Directories: /usr/lib/gegl-0.4 and /usr/include/gegl-0.4

Short Descriptions


is a commandline tool for working with the XML data model


is a simple image difference detection tool for use in regression testing

provides infrastructure to do demand based cached non destructive image editing on larger than RAM buffers

is the GEGL N-point image deformation library